Best music apps for Android

The music is now almost everywhere. Mobile devices that we use not only at home, but also at work, travel or sport are increasingly becoming more and more responsible. However, in order to avoid being forced to listen to music that is played in front of the radio stations, it is useful to look at available Android applications, especially with some of them having a huge number of songs in their inventory. Below is a list of the best apps currently available.


Spotify is currently the most recognizable music application in the world. It is used by millions of people all around the world. Spotify music is streamed to the phone over the Internet, but songs can also be downloaded and played without a network connection. The application also allows you to create a playlist and share it on Facebook. Spotify graphic design is extremely clear, and the quality of music is at the highest level. The price for full access to the huge music library is 20 gold per month. The application can also be used for free, but then the offer is slightly truncated, ads appear and offline tracks can not be played. Luckily, the free version has no time limits as it was before.


Deezer works in a similar way to Spotify, and although it is not so popular around the world, it can also boast resources of tens of millions of songs. This application is functional and intuitive, so it should not be a problem for new users. Deezer is available for free, but then some features are limited. The premium version, which you can try out for free for 30 days, primarily guarantees better sound quality and no ads, but also offline play and the ability to add your own files.


Poweramp is one of the best music playback applications. It reads files in many formats, including mp3, mp4, wav, mpc and ogg. Users appreciate first of all a simple, yet non-functional interface that makes it easy to navigate around the application. This player features an equalizer and other features that allow you to customize your music to your liking. A trial version is available that gives you access to the application for 15 days. Later on, purchasing a Poweramp is a one-off payment of $ 17.


Like Poweramp, AIMP is one of the best players available. Even though the design may seem a bit too simple, it makes it much easier to use this app. AIMP plays all formats, including mp3, wav, ogg, mp4 and aac, and has all the most important functions for the listeners. But what is most important, this application is completely free and will surely appeal to those who just want to listen to music.


Musixmatch has to offer something other than the items listed above. The database contains several million lyrics that you can play with your music player. Some of them have even been translated, which certainly will be useful to those who wish to learn English in a foreign language. Music can be easily integrated with applications such as Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube. You can also search for songs by the words in them. Musixmatch is basically free, but by making a one-time microchip you can get rid of ads.

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