What Made Metallica So Popular?

The name Metallica is known throughout the world; even by those who are not fans. This is because the band has been in existence for in excess of 35 years. Sales figures over this period indicate that they have sold more than 120 million albums; but this is a reflection of their popularity; not the reason they are so popular.

Thrash Metal

Thrash originated in the early 1980’s. It is a type of heavy metal but with a much faster tempo. It is also known to be much more aggressive than heavy metal. But thrash has always been topical music; the majority of the songs deal with current issues and attempt to fight the wrongs in the political systems.

It is believed that thrash metal was actually the result of the British heavy metal scene meeting the American one. The result was four bands which define the genre; Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax.

The Trick to Remaining Popular

Like any sub genre there was a period when thrash metal was extremely popular. To ensure this did not limit the success of Metallica, they have been willing and able to evolve and modify their sounds to meet the needs of their audience whilst remaining true to their roots; not an easy challenge.

However, it is this evolution which has set them apart from other bands and allowed them to become one of the most successful bands ever.

Metallica started in 1981 and are considered one of the driving forces behind the thrash metal scene. They had to face their own issues, such as replacing their lead guitarist in 1986 and making their music more mainstream in the 1990; when Thrash was dying in popularity.

Their ability to change and move with the times is, arguably, one of the reasons they have remained so popular.

Thrash, as a sub genre has returned to popularity in the last ten years and has seen Metallica, along with other leading bands from the eighties, produce more work in keeping with their original style.

Why did Metallica become so Popular?

Many people see Metallica as the driving force behind the establishment and growth of Thrash metal. This was in a period when people were moving away from the hedonistic lifestyle of the sixties and seventies; people were looking for something to believe in and they found thrash.

Metallica epitomized the thrash movement and earned a legion of fans which have remained true to them throughout the years. But, remarkably, they have also gained many new fans over the years who feel connected to their evolving sounds.

The result has been fans throughout the generations; many of which have been delighted by their recent return to their roots. The fact that they defined the thrash scene and have since managed to evolve with it is the real reason they are so popular.

This combines with the fact that they have consistently provided high quality music and, even with their evolving style, managed to stay true to their roots. The fact that they clearly enjoy the music is just the icing on the cake!

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