Do you have to be miserable to be a good musician?


Which came first, the music or the misery? asks American rock band Fall Out Boy.

Considering some news that struck music industry this summer, it becomes quite a relevant question to consider.

Talent = Misery?

Talented people do have to struggle a lot. First, you must nurture your talent from the moment you realize you have one. In music, it might mean never ending music schools, instrument or choir practices, maybe even private tutors replacing friends if you have very persistent parents. Being a teenager, it can be frustrating.

After outgrowing the initial part, it doesnt get any easier. How many musicians break through and get their music heard by thousands or millions? Minority. Mostly those who adapt very well to what music industry seeks and major public wants. But if it is again not the kind of music you want to perform, it leaves you miserable: you do what you dont like or you cant do what you like.

If you are lucky enough to be able to do with your talent what you like and make a pretty good living out of it, congrats. Does that mean you will never be miserable or depressed? We hope you wont. However, music is not the only source of misery.


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Artists are people, too

We love music that touches you. And only music based on something real can touch you and make you relate to it. Lets take an example. What do you do when you go through a break up? You listen to sad songs about love. Most of the time. Or perhaps angry songs about love. If you feel like killing your ex, try Anarbor’s I dont love you anymore, I hate you so much or Who can save me now. Or the whole album these songs are from. Its literally an extremely-bad-break up album.

So, do you think it is possible to write songs like that unless you went through something similar? Doubtful. Thats why most songs make us feel things. Happiness, anger, sadness. Recollections of our treasured or hated memories. And those things happened to all of us. No matter how talented and in what ways. No matter how rich and successful of a musician you are. You experience all kinds of events and emotions.

Loss, break ups, bad investments, gossips, hateful remarks, anything that can make us tick can be turned into music if we are capable of it. For some creating music is coping mechanism for any bad event in their lives, for others listening to music is. For me gambling online games is but thats not the point today. Either way, we are all people and we all go through these things. We deal with the in our own way. Musicians, however, by dealing with their problems and transforming them into songs, can make us, less talented mortals or talented in other ways, feel better about what we are going through.


Do you have to be miserable to be a good musician? No. You can be happy all the time and create happy songs. Everyone will relate to them when they have their delighted moments. When you are sad, which, lets be honest, happens to everyone, create sad songs. Others will relate to them. You know you are not alone. We can go through everything happening to us as long as we have people who care and music that heals.  

What are your opinion on this? Let us know in the comments.


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