• Is Armenian popular music is the most beautiful in the world

    Crushed between East and West, dominated by Persians, Ottomans and Soviets, divided into two parts and a thousand cities, the Armenian countryside retains, in its culture and geography, the spirit of a people. Or at least, so did the two Armenian musicians who turned it on long and wide There was a time when, more

    Armenian popular music
  • Do you have to be miserable to be a good musician?

    Which came first, the music or the misery? asks American rock band Fall Out Boy. Considering some news that struck music industry this summer, it becomes quite a relevant question to consider. Talent = Misery? Talented people do have to struggle a lot. First, you must nurture your talent from the moment you realize you

  • 10 reasons why you should listen to music more

    If there is something that is part of the whole course of our lives, even before birth, it is music. It is part of our daily routines, accompanying us in all kinds of situations and having the ability to provoke different sensations. More and more professionals assure that listening to music is very beneficial to

  • What Made Metallica So Popular?

    The name Metallica is known throughout the world; even by those who are not fans. This is because the band has been in existence for in excess of 35 years. Sales figures over this period indicate that they have sold more than 120 million albums; but this is a reflection of their popularity; not the

  • The Fight Against Listening Music

    You should make an effort to listen to music whilst exercising since this will not permit you to truly feel fatigued. There’s no denying that music also acts to supply you with energy. No matter what sort of music you like I am certain that there’s music which makes you happy. Clearly music is only

  • How Did Kurt Cobain Change the Face of Music?

    It is virtually impossible to be alive and not have heard of Kurt Cobain. He was born on February 20 1967 and died at just 27 years old of suicide. Many people will think of Kurt Cobain as the epitome of the rock ā€˜nā€™ roll lifestyle. He lived fast and enjoyed partying. However, there was

  • Best music apps for Android

    The music is now almost everywhere. Mobile devices that we use not only at home, but also at work, travel or sport are increasingly becoming more and more responsible. However, in order to avoid being forced to listen to music that is played in front of the radio stations, it is useful to look at

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